MAYANA brings back the ancient tradition of drinking Cacao ("The Food Of The Gods") as a vitalizing Elixir.

We hope that drinking our chocolate will contribute to fulfilling your nutritional needs and sense pleasures.

MAYANA brings together meaningful creations and stories from all over the Earth with the intention to Nourish All Of Your Senses.

MAYANA offers an exquisite menu of hot cacao elixers, made from the finest cacao beans - carefully mixed with superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and spices - to make specialty crafted drinking chocolate that helps invigorate your body and brain.


MAYANA is a premier source of CRIOLLO - FINE AROMA CACAO.

We go beyond fair trade to direct trade - we get our raw cacao directly from the farmers who grow it organically in Soconusco, Mexico.

Cacao originated in this region, with rich biodiversity where wild Cacao trees have been cultivated for millennia by the OLMEC and the MAYAN.

Criollo Cacao from Soconusco is an ancient variety from heritage trees of Mexico that produce what are called “fine and flavor” beans - high-grade beans that are the scarcest and most highly regarded for their complex flavor and aroma.

Fine Aroma Cacao from Soconusco is cultivated under agroecological farming, certified organic, and traded under conditions of equity and justice.